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Online Continuing Medical Education, CME, Credits
Continuing Medical Education

Ear Nose and Throat, ENT CME, Continuing Medical Education

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This site houses an old CME course first posted in July of 2001.  This continuing education course was one of the first in the nation, and the first online ENT course.  This course was accredited by the University of Kentucky and Cumberland Otolaryngology Consultants.  A grant to the University of Kentucky  from GlaxoSmithKline funded the continuing education credits.  

The course is no longer accredited for Category I credits but it may be used for self study or Category II credits.     INFORMATION ON THIS HOME PAGE IS CURRENT AS OF 2009. 
If you pass the test, you may print a certificate of completion with your name and grade.

   Courses written by Kevin T Kavanagh, MD  Clinical Associate Professor, University of Kentucky

Online Continuing Medical Education, CME, Credits

These education programs below were originally funded in part through an unrestricted educational grant by GlaxoSmithKline.  
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   Available CME Courses For The Primary Care Doctor:    
bullet Understanding Allergy, Easy Ways to Help Your Patients ;
 Take Allergy Course
bullet Common Problems in Ear, Nose and Throat
Take ENT Primary Care Course

    Available CME Course For The Otolaryngologist:

bullet Occupational Hearing Loss, Temporal Bone Anatomy and Facial 
   Take Ear Nose and Throat Course 

     Audiology Course

bulletOccupational Hearing Loss, Temporal Bone Anatomy, Dizziness and Ear Pathology   Take the Audiology Course

   To Submit a Course:   Contact ENT USA

Online Continuing Medical Education, CME, Credits
Courses Accredited ;
From Aug 15, 2001
to June 31, 2004



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